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SCA setting up error code with TLS enabled



I succeeded to provision ATM2.0 machine without TLS.

Now, I tried to provision with TLS. but SCA(ConfigurationServer.exe) in sdkshowing error code but I cannot find what this code numbers mean in any docmuments.(Developers Guide to the Sample Setup and Configuration Application.pdf and Network Interface Guide.pdf)

I am sure that theremight bea problem with the pair of certificate fileand private key file.

But I think I have a right pair of them and SCA finds these files and recognizes them as pem format files.So I want to know the meaning of the error codes. I created the key and cert files from SCA , in other words , openssl.

Anybody know the meaning of error code below (36, 2062. 16)?

Error: failed while calling SetTLSKeyAndCertificate Status = 36
Error: failed while calling SetTlsOptions Status = 16

Sometimes, I got

Error: failed while calling SetTLSKeyAndCertificate Status = 2062

------ some relevant log messages --------------

soap call: SetHostName ok
soap call: SetTcpIpParameters ok
soap call: SetDomainName ok
soap call: SetPingResponse ok
soap call: SetProvisioningMode ok
soap call: SetRngKey ok
Error: failed while calling SetTLSKeyAndCertificate
Status = 36
soap call: GetLowAccuracyTimeSynch ok
soap call: SetHighAccuracyTimeSynch ok
soap call: EnumerateTrustedRootCertificates ok
Deleting existing trusted root certificates
soap call: DeleteTrustedRootCertificate ok
soap call: AddTrustedRootCertificate ok
soap call: SetTrustedFqdnCN ok
Error: failed while calling SetTlsOptions
Status = 16
soap call: EnumerateUserAclEntries ok
- No existing ACLs to remove
soap call: SetEnabledInterfaces ok
Errors in configuration process - skip changing admin ACL and/or changing PID/PPS
2 Errors in configuration process - configuration failed
Warning: SetProvisioningParameters() failed

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We recommend that you use the Intel Setup and Configuration Server (SCS)release 1.2that is available for download from the Manageability page (link below.) This application comes with documentention on how to use it and what all needs to be installed on your systems in order to configure your Intel AMT system in Enterprise Mode.


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