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Terminal is blank.


When i connect AMT client with terminal in commander tool,terminal is blank.

AMT version is 3.0.9.

I can get AMT client's information with commander.

I can connect AMT client with browser and log in and power on.

What i do?

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1)Make sure SOL is active. Do a remote reboot to BIOS and you should be able to see BIOS in the screen.

2) In a browser, enter http://:16992 and a promt appears for credentials. Enter user id and password, you should be able to see the AMT details and power options.

Hope this helps.

I can connect AMT client with IE.

I can login and see the AMT details and power options.

Serial-over-LAN and IDE-redirect and Redirection port are all available in remote control tab.

Which OEM AMT system are you using? Some of the OEM systems are booted using graphical displays. If this is the case with your system, you won't see it through SOL/IDER because SOL/IDER do not display graphical images - they only handle text based input.

I could get response from AMT client.

I configured Outpost Tool and started Outpost Agent Service on AMT client.


You don't actually need the Outpost tool installed to use the SOL/IDE-R functionality, although I believe it does support some additional functionality.

The majority of the time when using the DTK, the Manageability Terminal Tool will not display anything. For a system with a Windows installation, once the OS starts loading, in most cases you won't see anything in the Terminal tool anymore.

Let me go explicitly through the steps of a reboot where you should see the initial BIOS bootup in the Terminal Tool.

1. Connect to the system in the Commander, and select the Remote Control tab.

2. Confirm that Serial-Over-Lan, IDE Redirect, and the Redirection Port are all enabled, then click the Take Control button.

3. In the Terminal Tool window that comes up after you click Take Control, go to the Remote Command dropdown, then select Remote Reboot.

Selecting the Remote Reboot option is key. You could also use the Remote Reboot to BIOS setup, but like Gael mentioned some OEM's BIOS screens are GUI based. If you just select Power up, it doesn't set the appropriate flags so that you'll see the terminal window showing what's on the AMT systems screen. You can of course set the appropriate flags in your own request to power up the AMT system as well, but I wanted to keep things simple.

Without those flags set on the AMT system power up, you can still have a Serial Over Lan session (the terminal tool will show connected), but you won't actually see what's on the AMT systems screen.