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ThinkPad W500 : Unable to retrieve serial number information


Our team was able to successfully provision a ThinkPad W500 which is Intel vPro capable. But after provisioning, making a call to the HardwareAsset web service (to obtain the hardware asset data) does not seem to return the system serial number or the baseboard serial number.

It is using this serial number, that we identify a device is AMT capable. ( We map the serial number obtained from the inventory details of the device, with that of the value obtained fromthe Intel web service). If they match, then the managed device is said to be vPro capable.But since the values are being returned as null here, we are unable to achieve the mapping.

Could you please help us understand why the values are being returned as null here ?

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Hi minuvish,
Thanks for your post. When I read this post the first time, I wondered if maybe this wasn't an AMT problem so much as it might be the manufacturer not providing the information. I posted your question on our internal forum and got a response from Dan. He says that theinformation (system and baseboard serial numbers) are part of the SMBIOS table information. Its content depends on the information provided by the HW device manufacturer, so depending on the given platform HW the info would be available or not.

The best way to verify if its an AMT problem or not is to check the current HW with other standard SW like SIW utility for example. If the missing info is reported by the other tool it would be a tangible proof of an AMT bug.

Hope this helps,
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Right - if HW info is missing, then most likely it's on the OEM/BIOS side not filling out the tables. Can you run it against the WebUI and see if it's in there? Or the DTK? If it doesn't show up in the Web UI, it's most likely on the OEM/BIOS side.

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