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Traffic direction in intel Manageability Commander Tool

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I'm using intel Manageability Commander Tool for testing system defense. while creating IPV4 filter we need to select two time direction i.e
1. Direction
2. Traffic Direction
in AMT_IPHeadersFilter,AMT_Hdr8021Filter we have only one direction property only, then why we need two direction in intel Manageability Commander Tool. Moreover filter is working only when two direction has different value for example :Direction-Inbound means Traffice direction must be outbound, it's confusing.
Anyone can explain this?

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Hi Mani-

I do not support theManageability Commander Tool directly, if my response below does not answer your questions we can try and locate the proper tool support.

If you look in the SDK documentation at AMT_IPHeadersFilter, you will seeFilterDirection specifies the traffic direction the filter governs. This would be the "Direction" in the Commander Tool.

Also in AMT_IPHeadersFilter, you will notice two additional fields: HdrSrcAddress and HdrDestAddress. These fields allow you to specify whether or not you want the filter to interrogate the associated IP information contained in the filtered packet. This would be the "Traffic Direction" (perhaps not a good choice of words) in the Commander Tool. As indicated in the SDK documentation and the Command Tool interface, this value need not be specified.

Hopefully the above helps explain how to set these parameters when creatinga filter and alsoexplains why your patricular filter works when the two fields are set to what appears to be opposite directions.

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