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WEB Login on the vPro client as well as the Managament platform?


Hi all,

I have been playing around with the Intel AMT Manageability tools provided by the DTK download (manageability_developer_tool_kit_v0.54.msi). I have had good success yet ran into something which I thought I had done and now cannot.

I have two pcs, a Win Vista (32 bit) Ultimate laptop (non-vPro) acting as the Management (Mgmt) platform and a Dell optiplex 755 Win Vista (32 bit) Business operating as my client. I have AMT enabled and configured on the client. I can also connect to the client from the Mgmt platform via IE and can reboot the client, etc.

My dilemma: I seem to recall also being able to locally, at the client, connect to the client vPro stack using IE. The client pc IP is configured for DHCP operation and the vPro stack is configured as a Static IP. I cannot now locally at the client make this connection. I suspect I may have a silly IE setting involved.

It is not a huge issue however it seems I should be able to make the connection, even if only to review settings 'locally'.

Thank you, KT

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Hi KT,

The AMT Web interface is not available from the local client. This is by design for security.

There is a local API that is available to enable some usage scenarios like Agent Presence. Please take a look at the Network Interface Guide in the latest AMT SDK to see what local calls are available.

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