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WS-Translator is now live on the Manageability Developer Community


What is the WS-MAN Translator?

The Intel WS-Management Translator makes it possible for WS-Management based software to be used in conjunction with Intel AMT platforms older than version 3.0. Using the translator, management software can send WS-Management commands to the translator, the translator will in turn perform the equivalent operation on an Intel AMT device using a proprietary SOAP based protocol understood by all Intel AMT platforms.

  • Find out more about this tool and why it exists here.
  • Read Ajith Illendula's Blog here.

Older News:

SCS 3.3.1 Hot Fixis now available for downloading

We have a new (3.3.1)Hot Fix on the the Manageability Community Site for the Intel Setup and Config Server (SCS). This Hot fix can be downloaded here.

This release has the following fixes:

  • Fix of AD issue - When the SCS creates Active Directory objects; it performs all operations on one domain controller, even if the environment contains multiple domain controllers.
  • Fix of ADDN long path bug
  • Fix of incorrect Idle time Power policy

Want to read more about this Hot Fix? See the Release Notes.

SCS 3.2.2 includes the following new feature:

  • The user cannow type-in the SQL server username and password, to address their own Data Base strong password requirements.
  • Download this version here.
  • Note that this change is NOT included in the 3.3 Version of the SCS
  • Use SCS 3.2.2 only if you have aStrong Passwordrequirement for the SQL data base user.

Remote Configuration Tool update:

RCT contains a small modification to the previous RCT releases - now the RCT sends hello packets even if the RCT cannot send the Intel AMT configuration properties to the SCS (Setup and Configration Server).

This modification is useful if the RCT is used to emulate hello packets to the SCS 3.0.

C lick here for more information about the RCT and to download it.


SCS 3.3 includes the following new features

  • The RCT can send "Hello" Packets
  • Improve the AMT FQDN change process.

2. SCS3.3 Bug Fixes

  • The SCS no longer performs unnecessary provisioning after initial successfully provisioning of Intel AMT systems.
  • The procedure that cleans the csto_status_of_requests table in the SCS database has been made more efficient and takes less time to run

You can download this latest version of the Intel Setup and Configuration Server here.

Its' Official: AMT 3.1 (Linux)

Get AMT 3.1 Linux-Beta Release on This release has open source code for local drivers and services. This version requires AMT 3.0 Hardware.(It DOES NOT work on 965 chip sets with AMT support. It is only supported on Q35 systems.)


  • heci-
  • uns-


  • igtkxmm-

BSD license:

  • iamtpp-
  • lms-
  • mestatus-
  • ztc-

Please note:

  • Documentation for Beta Release is placed on the same web site (choose Documentation option from left side menu).

  • Links to the AMT Linux Tools (FWUpdate, MEInfo, MEManuf) you can find on the same web site (choose AMT Linux Tools option from left side menu).


SCS 3.0 and SDK 3.0 Info:

We have updated the Intel(SCS) release on the Manageability Community Site. Note that we have removed SCS version 1.2 and hope that everyone will begin using SCS 3.0 in it's place. You can check out my Blogs to find out more information on compatibility - such as APIs that were added/removed. (Please check this before migrating.)

Download the SCS 3.0 from here:

Patch 001for SCS 3.0
This patch is required only when the SCS is upgraded from Release 1.2 to Release 3.0 and if SCS Release 1.2 used a script to get new AMT properties. When the SCS is configured to use a script to get new Intel AMT properties, this patch updates the timeout value used by the SCS when it waits for the script to complete.

Download Patch 001 for Intel SCS release 3.0. Please read the Release Notes before downloading the patch for the installation instructions.

Purpose of the Patch:
The patch corrects a value in the SCS database. When the SCS is configured to use a script to get new Intel AMT properties (see the General page of the SCS console), this patch updates the timeout value used by the SCS when it waits for the script to complete.

When is this Patch needed:
The patch is required when the SCS was upgraded from Release 1.2 to Release 3.0, and SCS Release 1.2 used a script to get new AMT properties.

SDK 3.0 Info:

Just thought I'd alert our Forum viewers that the new SDK is now available for download on the Manageabilitywebsite:

And, of course I have written a blog that describes what features are associated with which versions of Intel AMT along with what is new inside the 3. 0 SDK:

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