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lms service cannot connect to heci driver

Hi , it seems i having the above error and it is causing my network card to stop responding.
I have just uninstalled the LMS software on it and the nic has come back.
Wondering if this is a know issues and if there any fixes ?

The laptop model is HP Eliteboot 2530p .

I was having this issue so i reinstalled the OS and thougt it was gone but it has just come back . Its random and I dont know how to replicate the problem.

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Well, I guess there are a couple of ways to go with this depending on if AMT is being used on your system.

1. If AMT is desired to be used, then you shouldtake a look at this article to see all the drivers that should be installed on your system. Sounds like the HECI (Intel ME Interface) driver is not installed or maybe not working. Your system should have come with a disk to install these drivers.

2. If you do not want AMT on your system, you can uninstall LMS and any AMT drivers that may be causing you issues.
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