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Capture Video in Landscape mode by default


We are using, ios sdk and the sample "conference" app present in the sdk.

When we initiate the call, the video is getting captured in portrait mode by default. When we rotate, it goes to landscape mode capturing.

But we want to change it to landscape mode y default.

In the App, AVCaptureDevice has been used to initiate the device but that does not have any orientation properties except to get the current orientation.

And that property is readonly. We hae already made the app to be opened in landscape mode by default, but still the camera is capturing the video in portrait mode. 

Please let us know, how the default capturing mode can be changed to landscape mode.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Srinivas,

Hi Srinivas,

Currently, we do not provide such kind of API of capture orientation in iOS. But we have this in our product backlog.


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