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Error: Assertion `!pthread_mutex_lock(m)' failed, Websocket closed before connection established


We are facing some issues in specific rooms randomly in ICS 4.3 version. While joining a conference with a token, conference.join() callback does not called and get a warning message in browser console as "Websocket closed before connection established". 

We are facing this issue in chrome and Firefox latest versions. When we monitor, we got some errors on webrtc agents as given below :

node: /usr/include/boost/thread/pthread/pthread_mutex_scoped_lock.hpp:26: boost::pthread::pthread_mutex_scoped_lock::pthread_mutex_scoped_lock(pthread_mutex_t*): Assertion `!pthread_mutex_lock(m)' failed.

Any idea what can be the reason behind these kind of logs. If the root cause of this issue is with webrtc agent while joining conference, then how can we solve it?

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