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Error Timeout to make rpc to conference-xxxxxxx@




I have managed to setup the OWT server locally on ubuntu 20.04 without issue but when trying to run it on an AWS instance running ubuntu 20.04, I get the error "Timeout to make rpc to conference-349a7453215fc8485ad5@" in the web browser console. The page loads fine and asks for my local video and microphone but then I get the above error.


What is weird is that is the local ip address of the server and not its public one. The public ip is I did configure the portal.toml and webrtc agent - I think - properly with the public ip.


I have been struggling with this issue for a while and can't figure out where it comes from or why it happens. I attach the console log as well as the server logs and toml files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


For information, there is a similar issue on the client repo Uncaught (in promise) Timeout to make rpc to conference-2306fc6073a65f656d2f@ · Issue #326 · open-webrtc-toolkit/owt-client-javascript · GitHub

And here on the server repo: Timeout to make rpc to conference-7de8cd4d0d3bae78fa03@ipAddress_0.join · Issue #989 · open-webrtc-toolkit/owt-server · GitHub

But none of them has an answer.


@Lei_Z_Intel1 if you have any idea, it is welcome.




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