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How do I set forwarded streams keyframe interval in javascript?

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On 4.0.2 I am having many issues where safari users (desktop and mobile) are unable to see some H.264 forward streams.

I have a feeling this is due to an incompatible keyframe interval rate.

I can't seem to find where I can change this. I would really like to have safari working properly again (worked in 3.5). Can someone give me an example of what to change in the publish command?  Or is it done elsewhere?

conference.publish(localStream,{maxVideoBW: 150, videoCodec: 'h264'})

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Hi, Stephen, currently we cannot set keyframe interval in publish. You said that some h264 forward stream cannot show in safari, so some h264 stream displayed well in safari, right?  Does the same issue happened with latest 4.1 package? And you said it worked well with 3.5 package, it means with the same published stream? Could you describe how can we reproduce this issue with 4.0.2 package?

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