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Hi all,

Thanks very much for the tryout and deployment of our Intel CS for WebRTC! All the bug/issue reports are warmly welcome!

Here are some tips for the bug/issue report which would benefit all of us:

1. Test Environment
Network status, e.g bandwidth, wired or wireless, package lost etc
Server machine information : OS, CPU, Memory, Network Bandwidth, Server version (MCU/Gateway/PeerServer), Server Configuration(Output Resolution/Bitrate/Frame Rate) e.t.c
Client machine information : OS, CPU, Memory, Browser version, Input Resolution/Bitrate/Frame Rate e.t.c
Test topology : how many users in total, how to connect to server, how many users per room (publishers/subscribers numbers)
2. Test Steps
One by one detailed steps to help us reproduce

3. Other important references
Webrtc-internals snapshot, browser console log, server error log , android adb debugging information if any e.t.c.


Note, please also following the server tuning instructions of section 2.3.2 in our Conference_Server_User_Guide before MCU launch.




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