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Ice procedure failed


When trying to publish a video stream to the 4.3.1 server. I get the following error.

2020-07-07 04:52:34.193 - DEBUG: SocketIOServer - notify participant: ubVqNjvVfjxalJtcAAAA event: progress data: { id: '460436543263609700',
status: 'error',
data: 'Ice procedure failed.' }


I have seen a few other posts with this error, but it is not clear if these issues were ever resolved.



I am using a TURN server to connect to the MCU. The client is using the latest version of chrome canary.


I have turned on logging on the server and the client. The server is portal.txt and the client is client.txt

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I should also mention that in portal.toml, I have

force_tls_v12 = true.

However, based on some of the webrtc logs, it appears that tls_v12 is not being used. Not sure if this should matter or not, but her is an excerpt from the attached webrtc log


2020-07-07 04:51:32.754  - INFO: WorkingNode - pid: 15493

2020-07-07 04:51:32.759  - INFO: WorkingNode - Connecting to rabbitMQ server...

2020-07-07 04:51:32.814  - INFO: AmqpClient - Connecting to rabbitMQ server OK, options: { host: 'localhost', port: 5672 }

2020-07-07 04:51:33.635  - INFO: InternalConnectionFactory - QUIC is not enabled for internal IO

2020-07-07 04:51:33.659  - INFO: WorkingNode - webrtc-013ada7b31c85d4c15f0@ as rpc server ready

2020-07-07 04:51:33.665  - INFO: WorkingNode - webrtc-013ada7b31c85d4c15f0@ as monitor ready


(process:15493): libnice-CRITICAL **: 04:52:34.073: file address.c: line 166 (nice_address_set_port): should not be reached


(process:15493): libnice-CRITICAL **: 04:52:34.139: file address.c: line 166 (nice_address_set_port): should not be reached

2020-07-07 04:52:34,185  - WARN: dtls.SSL - failed in error

2020-07-07 04:52:34,185  - ERROR: dtls.DtlsSocket - SSL error 1

2020-07-07 04:52:34,186  - WARN: dtls.DtlsSocketContext - DTLS Handshake Failure error:1410241A:SSL routines:dtls1_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert decode error

2020-07-07 04:52:34,186  - WARN: DtlsTransport - id: 460436543263609700,  message: Handshake failed, transportName:video, openSSLerror: error:1410241A:SSL routines:dtls1_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert decode error

2020-07-07 04:52:34,186  - ERROR: WebRtcConnection - id: 460436543263609700,  message: Transport Failed, transportType: video

2020-07-07 04:52:34.187  - WARN: Connection - message: failed the ICE process, code: 502, id: 460436543263609700

2020-07-07 04:52:34.187  - WARN: WrtcConnection - ICE failed,  500 460436543263609700

2020-07-07 04:52:34.778  - WARN: WorkingNode - Exiting on SIGTERM

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I believe this is maybe happening because of some change that happened recently in chrome. I say this because, I have a version of the javascript that is packaged as a cordova app and it runs fine on Android. I have uploaded the logs for portal and client.

The only difference I can see is that the android app can complete the ice negotiation while the javascript running in chrome cannot.

I am using the following chrome canary version

Version 86.0.4195.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)

I guess I am at a loss as to why I get a handshake error with chrome canary but not cordova android app

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