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Javascript conference sample: IE does not show remote video


I am not able to get Internet Explorer 11 to work with the javascript conference sample.

My configuration:

  • Intel CS v3.0 / 3.1 / 3.1.1
  • Ubuntu 14.04 server (no hardware acceleration)
  • IE 11 with latest Woogeen IE plugin
  • tried basic conference sample from Intel:  ; OR
  • tried room with mixed mode and without
  • SSL certificate is working
  • chrome/firefox are working without problems
  • chrome://webrtc-internals  :  VP8 is used for sending and receiving video

When checking the console in IE all seems to work: No errors. The local webcam is show properly.

The remote stream was subscribed properly without errors. The canvas for local and remote stream are added to the HTML code.

But the remote video is not shown!

Can it be a problem with the video codec? Does IE support VP8?

Any ideas?



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Hi Roland,

Hi Roland,

Could you send us your MCU server log, and IE browser output? So our engineer could find something there.


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