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Kubernetes Deployment Sample Project



I was trying to deploy the Intel CS for WebRTC on a Kubernetes cluster.

It was a little challenge but it looks working now.

I think there are better ways but I want to share my deployment environment here.

The kubernetes cluster was created by kops on AWS.

The WebRTC agent communicates with clients through a turn server.

The sample application, portal, and console manager communicate with client through an Ingress.

Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Tomohiro Matsuzawa

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Tomohiro San,

We  were evaluating OWT for one of our internal requirement.  We were able to run OWT using docker and was able to deploy our project.  Now we want to move it to K8 environment which is an AWS EKS cluster.  I searched in Intel doc, but could not locate any useful doc till now. I saw your documentation and found it is using KOPS.  Could you please share any reference doc on running it on bare K8 cluster or EKS in case you have handy ?   Thank you in advance. 


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