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License of Intel CS


We have tried the Intel CS for WebRTC conference with our legacy SIP server and works seamlessly. Please let us know more details requested below:

  1. We want to build a solution using the Intel suite and commercialize the solution. Please let us if this is allowed as per the licensing terms from Intel ? 
  2. Based on the below link, it is said to be free. If it is free can we get the source code for any maintenance and enhancement we may have to do in future ?
  3. If the source code is not available for developers, is there any commercial version of the product that can be purchased along with which we get the source code and the developed software be commercially distributed ? What is the license fee involved and maintenance support duration/terms ? 
  4. Does Intel CS support HD Audio codecs ? If yes please provide us the list of HD audio codec supported by Intel CS .
  5. What are the maximum video resolution supported by Intel CS for VP8 and H264 video codec ?

Thanks in Advance for providing the required details. 

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Hi, Sampathkumar

Nice to hear you are building produce with Intel CS for WebRTC. For the questions you concern, see my answers as following,

1. Yes. Free to use and redistribute.

2. Currently not an open source project.

3. Currently no commercial version, we are also working on the supporting model evolution, will update on forum if any change. But welcome to share your story with Intel CS for WebRTC team through

4. We support Opus, and support customer to integrate AAC codec into Intel CS for WebRTC. Details please see server installation guide.

5. Currently 1080p is well tested.

Best wishes,

Zhai Lei



Thank you for the response.

We were evaluating the Intel CS for WebRTC for our MCU requirement and we observed the following issue with SIP agent

There is jump in SIP packet captured in PC with Intel CS(SIP agent) from 16:16:58 to 16:17:14 – almost 16 seconds, no SIP packets captured in PC even though, remote SIP endpoint kept sending the SIP messages like INVITE (though other rtp packets/ipv6 packets are received in PC with SIP agent, during this time). During this time, remote SIP endpoint received ICMP Destination unreachable response. 

Hence I suspect in PC with Intel MCU, sip Agent wasn’t responsive or crashed during this interval. We need support from Intel MCU team to further investigate this issue.

Logs around this time:


2017-01-24 16:13:18.531  - INFO: ErizoAgent - message from worker ee94140e-b3a7-e146-2180-a2fa6ca36ce0 : READY

2017-01-24 16:17:04.566  - INFO: ErizoAgent - ce2d2062-eed5-e66e-58f8-49f5ddc0dcd8 exit with null


2017-01-24 16:13:18.373  - INFO: SipPortal - Sip node init successfully.

2017-01-24 16:17:15.656  - INFO: SipErizoHelper - ErizoJS[ ce2d2062-eed5-e66e-58f8-49f5ddc0dcd8 ] check alive timeout!

Thanks in Advance,



The real sip terminal for MCU part is sip node, not sip agent. Sip agent is responsible to spawn sip node to serve on room with sip connectivity configuration. You need sip server and configure one sip account for one room. Details please refer conference server user guide.