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Possible to do server side call recording?


We are currently evaluating the WebRTC CS to see how well we can meet certain project requirements.

We have a few questions about call recording:  we see the call recording functionality (start/stopRecorder off of ConferenceClient).   

While it is very helpful that the individual streams are recorded on the MCU server, we'd prefer initiating the recording via server code.   Our particular use case is that we have a requirement to absolutely ensure a call is being recorded.  Is there a way to initialize call recording from the server side and not a client side call?    It might be possible for a client to bypass the ConferenceClient.startRecorder call, perhaps using the javascript debugging tools in a browser.

Another question:   Are there any plans to natively support call recordings to .webm instead of .mkv files?    It would be very nice to have something with native browser support for playability purposes.



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We would also like to have server side initialization of recording.
Will this come in some future release?


Hi, Mark,

For server side recording call, currently we don't support, we have plan to include this feature to our future release, stay tuned.

For native browser recording support, we have no plan to do this and it should be a client side implementation.