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Problems with Edge



I've been having some problems that are related to the Edge browser and I was wondering if anyone knows what I can do to fix them.

There are 2 different problems:

1) I'm publishing from Edge, and subscribing to the feed on another browser (Chrome). The video feed takes a long time to start after subscribing.
I get a quick callback from the subscribe function, but the video track remains muted for 15-20 seconds before video playback starts. Is this something that is known behaviour for Edge? Is there any way that I can reduce how long it takes for the video feed to start playing?

2) I'm publishing from Chrome and subscribing in Edge. The video feed becomes heavily distorted in Edge. This seems to happen when I attach the video stream to multiple video elements. Is there any way that I can avoid this problem?

For all of these scenarios I'm joining with ConferenceClient, subscribing to the video stream, and attaching the stream to a video element. I'm running Intel CS 3.5.2.

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Hi Jesse,

The waiting time of video subscription is due to the feedback of key frame request is not ready in Edge browser. Video will be displayed at Edge side when the key frame arrives.

As for the second question, it seems to me that you subscribed the mixed stream from MCU? Or the forward stream only from Chrome?



I am subscribing with the forward stream in Chrome.

You can ignore my second problem as I've found evidence that it's an Edge bug: