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RTCPeerClient unpublish Error Code=2000

Hi there, 


The error below appears when we hangup from any other partner(Chrome, Firefox, Android) and try to unpublish peerClient: Code=2000 "(null)"


whereas the hangup from iOS works properly!!


I'm using iPad mini 2,

iOS: 10.2.1

WebRTC: 3.2


The code where the error has been thrown.


[_peerClient unpublish:localStream to:remoteUserID onSuccess:^{
				NSLog(@"WebRTC Success: OnStopped: Unpublished Stream successfully.");
			} onFailure:^(NSError *error) {
				NSLog(@"WebRTC Error: OnStopped: %@", error);



Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mohamad,

Hi Mohamad,

Unpublish a stream after its associated session is ended may trigger failure callback because the stream is unpublished during hangup.

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