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Socket connection error with sample sip_gateway

Hi All,

I am a developer looking for WebRTc to SIP gateway and found this Intel's product.

I have seen the code and wanted to run the sample sip gateway provided in the software bundle.

But I am running into the following error while loading it.

Failed to load resource: ;


What have I done:

  1. Copied the public folder of Release-v1.1.1/extras/sipgw_sample to my webserver.
  2. loaded the index.html page of public folder.
  3. i tried to login with a SIP account and it shows a connection error on the screen (screenshot attached)
  4. In the browser's console log, I found the socket connection error.

Note: the sample application is not connecting to in anyway. 

I have added the port number 3001 to the url and tried, but still the error is same.

Please help me resolve this error.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Sai,

Hi Sai,

Thanks for the tryout of SIP GW. We now have people working on your reported issue. Thanks!

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