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Uncaught exception thrown from VideoStreamsView.texImage2D() in p2p streaming


Hi, I am using Intel suite for p2p and conference calling between Android devices.
In my test environment, I have 2 phones, one of which is problematic phone
 and another is normal phone (details are at the end).

My problem is problematic phone throws a strange exception when a remote stream is added (in p2p streaming).
No video is displayed, but audio works OK.

I could not find what is causing error exactly, so I am asking your help and attaching the logs.

My test steps are these:

  1. problematic phone invited to the other
  2. invitation accepted & then both received the event onChatStarted
  3. clicked a button in normal phone to share its camera stream
  4. problematic phone got the remote stream, tried to add it to its view but exception was thrown here



  1. In the problematic phone, I see a lot of decoder release log text compared to normal phone's logs.
  2. In same app, I have also implemented conference streaming. But in that, no view errors I am receiving.

My local machine as server:

  • Intel Core 2 CPU 2.8GHz with 5 GB ram, Ubuntu 14.04.
  • Intel WebRTC Suite version 2.8 for both PeerServer and MCU

My test phones:

  • Samsung SM-G360F (problematic one) : sdk version 5.0.2
  • Samsung GT-I9505 (normal one) : sdk version 5.0.1


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ali,

Let us know the result when you finish running the  tests.


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