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issue with quality of video and screen share

Hi Chunbo H. (Intel),

1. As compared with the older release version 3.3 the video quality of v3.4.1 is very poor it getting pixelating. quality of v3.3 is very smooth and not pixelating.

3. screen share is getting hanged in v3.4.1 and it does not give a smooth flow as compared with v3.3

4. screen share is very smoothly working in version 3.3

please fix the issue soon

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Could you please provide

Could you please provide following information ? 

1. Which client SDK did you use ?

2. The detail configurations about video resolution , codec and it is mix or forward ?

3. Is it P2P mode or conference mode ?

4. Please provide detail configuration about your MCU if it is conference mode .

5. Please list your test environment , e,g bandwidth etc .

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