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How to extend access to the DevCloud


To extend your DevCloud access, please tell us more about your use of DevCloud by posting a project on Intel DevMesh. Continue to and login. Add a project, then return to the DevCloud portal and use the "Extend" button to submit an extension request with the URL of your DevMesh project.

Tips for extension of DevCloud access via DevMesh:

  • When adding the project you can select as a private posting for Intel eyes only or public allowing you to create a public page on DevMesh
  • Select Status "Under Development": use of DevCloud means you have started the development process
  • Complete the "Methodology" and "Technology" descriptions to the best of your ability.
  • Add relevant images, media or code repo links that shows us how your work is progressing
  • Do not use email to submit your request. Instead, log in to the DevCloud portal (see the Instructions link above) and use the button "Extend" in the page header to bring up the extension request form

Note: If you have questions regarding this process, please post you question on the Intel DevCloud forum and we will be happy to help.

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