Intel® Distribution for Python*
Support and discussions for achieving faster Python* applications and core computational packages.
Intel Customer Support will be observing the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday, Jan. 17, and will return on Tues. Jan. 18.
For the latest information on Intel’s response to the Log4j/Log4Shell vulnerability, please see Intel-SA-00646

Known Issues


Known Issues and Support can be found in the following site: Intel Distribution for Python Support and Documentation

conda issues:

Many conda-related problems are fixed in the latest conda release. Please update conda and conda-env to the latest provided by Continuum Analytics* (from the default channel).

run the following command:

   > conda update conda

For more information about using conda package manager with the Intel Distribution for Python and your current Python installation, please see the following document: Using the Intel(R) Distribution for Python with Anaconda

Installing in OS X*:

When trying to install, the message "" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.


   > xattr -rc <>


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