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Motivation for the Intel Python Distribution?


I am writing to ask what the motivation is for the Intel Python Distribution.  As I wrote in my reply to your email, as it stands now, I think that it will be hard to motivate people to leave the Anaconda Python distribution for the Intel one.  I believe that this is true for two main reasons:





1) The Anaconda Python distribution already links to MKL on all platforms (as of 2.5.0).  This was even highlighted by the Intel HPC twitter feed.  Therefore, there is no performance benefit for switching.

2) The conda packaging system is currently the best way to update Python packages and create working environments.  At present, the Intel distribution is just a static package, and one will have to wait for Intel to update the entire stack, even if one wants a single package updated. Unless of course on builds the package themselves.

Given this, I am wondering what the motivation is for Intel to release such a library.  As I mentioned in my email, Intel needs to have some distinguishing feature in their distro to entice people to switch.  As present, I do not see any.

Best regards,





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Hi Paul,

This is a tech preview, and the product release will make it possible to use conda to manage packages. Intel Distribution for Python is Intel's way to provide customers with python packages that are optimized for the latest hardware across the entire Intel product line. We are also working with Continuum to ensure that Anaconda users will have the best possible performance, as well as to ensure interoperability between packages that we put out and Anaconda. You will be hearing more over the next few months.


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