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Tensorflow Automatic Learning


Hi everybody,

I'm trying to do the Google's course Automatic learning and I am doing an exercise about California houses with Tensorflow, I installed Anaconda and I created an enviroment with the full Intel distribution for Python then I installed the "nb_conda_kernels" package in order to use Jupyter Notebook because it didnt detect automatically the enviroments.

Then I installed tensorflow

conda install tensorflow -c intel

the proccess was succesful but when I am running one of the examples ( I got an error when I'm trying to train the model

_ = linear_regressor.train(
    input_fn = lambda:my_input_fn(my_feature, targets),

When I run that cell I got an error (Out of Index) but when I run the same example with the anaconda distribution + Tensorflow it works, i want to know if someone can help me, if I'm doing the installation in the wrong way (tensorflow package) or what I need to change, in order to use the Intel optimization.


Thanks for your help.




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