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Which version of Python for given Parallel Studio

We have various versions of Parallel Studio but never downloaded the corresponding Intel Python. Our default 'module load' is Intel 2017.1.132, and we also have 2018.2.199. Which versions of Intel Distribution for Python should I download for each?
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Hello Lisa,

Strictly speaking, prior to Parallel Studio 2019, Intel Distribution for Python (IDP) and Parallel Studio (PS) were separately bundled and distributed products, so you can install any version of IDP regardless of the PS version(s) installed on the system.

However, you may want to align the versions of the Intel performance libraries (such as Intel MKL and Intel DAAL) in IDP with those libraries in PS. To do so, simply find the corresponding major version/update version. As an example, for PS=2017.1.132, you can install IDP=2017.0.(BTW, starting in 2019, we removed the middle zero in the IDP version). For PS=2018.2.199, install IDP 2018.0.2.

Note that all the Intel performance libraries have published versions of conda packages on, so regardless of which IDP version you initially install, you can change the library versions in your environment by installing the desired version from the online Intel channel. For example, to install MKL 2019.0, use "conda install mkl=2019.0 -c intel".

With PS 2019, you get IDP included directly in the PSXE installer, and Python directly uses the installed performance libraries (rather than having its own copy). This helps ensure consistent library versioning.

Please let me know if you have other questions.



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