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having regular conda and Intel distribution for python on same machine


I am very interested in trying out Intel Distribution for Python (IDP), however, have a simple practical problem: I already have python / conda installed on my system. Is it possible to install IDP inside the same conda ecosystem?

Conda allows different pythons for different environments, so it seems reasonable id, on the other hand the alternative solution (having two conda, one regular and one Intel) sound rather bad idea. Any suggestions?

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Hello Gergely,

Yes, our packages work with an existing conda environment. Our recommendation for installing the Intel Distribution for Python in an existing conda ecosystem is to create a new conda environment. You can install our full distribution from the Intel channel on the Anaconda Cloud:

conda create -n intelpython3 -c intel python=3.6 intelpython3_full

The "intelpython3_full" metapackage will install our full distribution. We also have "intelpython3_core", which installs a subset that includes cpython, numpy, scipy, and dependencies.


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