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use intel python without conda


Hi I want to use intel python. But I would like to avoid conda. I have installed intel python and when typing python at cmd it says python 3.6.8 Intel Corporation! Now is it necessary to install conda? Again if I want to install some other libraries then how can i install that. I tried pip install XXXX. But it gives me error as pip is not recognize as an internal or external command.   

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Hello Paul,

Intel(R) Distribution for Python includes both conda and pip, so both package managers are installed when Intel(R) Distribution for Python is installed. However, the installer does not update your environment PATH to make the new installation the default. If on Windows, you will need the installation directory and <install_dir>\Scripts on your PATH for the command line to find python.exe and pip.exe. If on a unix-based system, both executables are in <install_dir>/bin. Let me know if that solves your problem.

There is no explicit requirement to use conda, but it is recommended for package and virtual environment management.


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