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Any straight forward install for Pi4 Buster and D435 realsense

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No I can't install UBuntu Mate which is what the directions say for Pi3, there is no version for Pi4 I spent part of the weekend trying to get these two to work. Eventually the OS just would not restart. Why is the Realsense camera SDK so impossbile to to make work. Even the Ubuntu build seems way way out there. Download keys and make sure you have version X. I tried to make an Atomic PI which is X86 based with Ubuntu 16.04 and could not get it to work. I am hoping for some Intel help in getting this to run on the Pi4 Buster using the Arm8 64 bit kernel that makes it straight forward. I thought there would be a straight forward apt get install for this device by now. Sorry just overtired and frustrated.
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Dear Bob T.

This is the OpenVino forum, dedicated to Inference Engine and Model Optimizer. Kindly post your question to the Intel RealSense forum shown below.

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