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CPU extension linking causing Release crashes



I am experiencing run-time crashing in Release mode on Windows 10 MSVC 2015 - in other parts of code (Open3D) not OpenVino but I have narrowed it down to being issues with CPU extension. If I link that library in my solution I get a crash even if I am not using OpenVino in the code I am running.

After find_package, I link OpenVino in the following way:

target_link_libraries(MyProject    ${OpenCV_LIBS} 

The interesting part is that doing this creates a 2nd project within my MSVC solution for the cpu_extension. Looking at my linker it then links the following .libs  :  MyProject/build/ie_cpu_extension/Release/cpu_extension.lib

Instead, if I manually link the library I was expecting it to link:  ${OpenVIno_ROOT}/inference_engine/samples/intel64/Release/cpu_extension.lib

Then my application runs fine and does not crash.


1) How should I be linking cpu extension in CMake so that it does not create an additional project?

2) Is this expected behaviour?


Many thanks!










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