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Can't open the device - Docker install

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I've followed the docker installation guide and choose the "privileged mode" install.


Starting with the basic install:


git clone -b ncsdk2 && cd ncsdk


After installing the sdk, compiling graphs worked ok.


Later on I cloned the example apps with:


git clone -b ncsdk2


Then I tried making the hello_ncs_py and this failed with the following error:


root@# python3 W: [ 0] ncDeviceOpen:528 ncDeviceOpen() XLinkBootRemote returned error 3 Error - Could not open NCS device. root@# python3 Error - Could not open NCS device.


Finally, I went back and tried to compile the same exact graph that was working previously and it didn't work.


Any ideas?

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Any input regarding this issue @Tome_at_Intel ?