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Cannot infer shapes or values for node "output/YoloRegion"



I was trying to convert the yolo v2 model to IR representation.

In the YOLO cfg file, I could see softmax is 0 in the detection layer. After setting 0 in do_softmax param in the region layer in the JSON file, I could see the following error in the conversion of IR representation.

[ ERROR ] Cannot infer shapes or values for node "output/YoloRegion".
[ ERROR ] 'do_softmax'
[ ERROR ] 
[ ERROR ] It can happen due to bug in custom shape infer function <function RegionYoloOp.regionyolo_infer at 0x7fa37426a598>.
[ ERROR ] Or because the node inputs have incorrect values/shapes.
[ ERROR ] Or because input shapes are incorrect (embedded to the model or passed via --input_shape).
[ ERROR ] Run Model Optimizer with --log_level=DEBUG for more information.
[ ERROR ] Stopped shape/value propagation at "output/YoloRegion" node.

Can you please help me to find the error?

Thanks in advance.

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