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Capturing rtsp on MacOS


I have a python script, based on, modified to run on my iMac instead of an Rpi (since I don't have one). I have OpenVINO 2019 installed on my iMac. The scipt works when using the iMac's built-in camera, and also on an mp4 file created by one of my surveillance cameras. 

However, I would like to run this on an rtsp live stream from said camera. But, when I change the cv2.VideoCapture to use the rtsp stream instead of the mp4, or device 0, I get this:

OpenCV: Couldn't read video stream from file "rtsp://user:pw@" (slightly modified ofc.)

I have an Ubuntu Docker image with OpenVino, run the exact same script, and it is able to read frames from the exact same stream. I have Xcode and command line utilities installed. FFMpeg should be available then, and is used for reading rtsp streams I guess. Is it not possible to read rtsp streams with OpenVINO on MacOS?

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Dear Schotanus, Hans,

OpenCV is outside of the purview of this forum, which focuses on Model Optimizer and Inference Engine.  Please see my answers to these forum posters who also asked an OpenCV question:

Thanks for using OpenVino !



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