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Could I install the NCSDK W/O opencv uninstall?

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Hi @Luis_at_Intel ,


When I start create a new ncsdk env. I find I's need the opencv uninstall when install it . Actually I don't want to uninstall the installed opencv. As the other function need it. How could I fix this? Thank you very much!


(base) root@kt:~/workspace/ncsdk# ls


api install Makefile


ATTRIBUTIONS ncappzoo-master




examples LICENSE ncsdk.conf


(base) root@kt:~/workspace/ncsdk# make install




__________ Please confirm ____________*


NCSDK 1.11 requires that previous installations of openCV


be uninstalled before proceeding with NCSDK installation.


Note that if you installed opencv via pip3 or from source into the


home directory, it will be uninstalled.


Continue uninstalling OpenCV (y/n) ?




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Hi @ideallyworld ,


I am afraid that you may need to uninstall your current OpenCV version with the NCSDK installation process, once the NCSDK is installed you should be able to reinstall OpenCV without issues. I haven't tried this myself but I think that is how it works. For example, I've seen this behavior when installing the NCSDK after OpenVINO(TM) Toolkit has been already installed. May I ask which version of OpenCV you have currently installed (and the location) and the steps you followed to install it? Also your current environment details, i.e. Operating System, platform (x86, VM?, RPi?).