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Create new model - Identify a person lying on the floor for more than 5 seconds



I have project in Intel IDC.

I need your support to create a new model.

The model will identify a person lying on the floor for more than 5 seconds and then send messege to medical help or family member.

I can only trust on intel's OpenVINO development.

Can you please help me and guied me to create this model?


Thanks and regardes in advance,



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Hi Hanna,

Thank you for your interest in the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to create/train a model using a 3rd party software. OpenVINO is actually meant to be used for inferencing, not training, i.e. after you have trained your model in any of the supported frameworks, you will need to use OpenVINO's Model Optimizer to convert your model to IR so that you can use the Inference Engine to deploy the model.

OpenVINO comes with several pretrained models that you can look at, I will link them here and here. You can also use those models as a starting point, then retrain your model to fit your project. 

I hope this information is helpful.

Best Regards,



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