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[Error 5] Toolkit Error FusedBatchNorm - Yolo-v2 with Tensorflow - NCSDK v2.0.8

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I'm trying to get Yolo-v2 to work by using the yad2k project. I want to re-train with my own data, and then convert to NCS.


The conversion from keras to a frozen graph works with:


python3 ../ --input_graph=NN.pb \


--input_binary=true \


--input_checkpoint=NN.ckpt \


--output_graph=NN_frozen.pb \




Then in the docker instance where the NCSDK is installed I run mvNCCompile:


mvNCCompile -s 12 NN_frozen.pb -in=Input -on='conv2d_23/BiasAdd'


mvNCCompile v02.00, Copyright @ Intel Corporation 2017


shape: [1, 608, 608, 3]


[Error 5] Toolkit Error: Stage Details Not Supported: FusedBatchNorm inputs mean and variance are not defined. The graph is not created for inference.


Here are the graph files:
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