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[Error 5] Toolkit Error: Stage Details Not Supported: Concat

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I am a newbie in vision systems and been using tensorflow to train my model.


I have been trying to compile my graph file generated from the inception-v3 model to generate a .graph file for ncs stick and I keep getting the error: "[Error 5] Toolkit Error: Stage Details Not Supported: Concat".


Below is the command I have been trying to use for compilation.


mvNCCompile -s 5 /home/viresh/tensorflow-for-poets-2/tf_files/optimized_graph.pb -in=Mul -on=final_result -o inception.graph -is 299 299


Can anyone please point me the right direction on how to resolve this error?


Please do let me if you need more details from my end.


Any suggestions from your side will be of great help to me.


Thank you!

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Hi @dviresh1993


Thanks for reaching out! Concat should be supported. Take a look at the inception v3 sample code included with the ncapzoo:


The sample code pulls the network streight from the following link which contain several concat's.


Could you share your model so I can take a closer look?