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Error Using Movidius 2

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I'm using the Neural Compute Stick 2 with a Python Program presented on:


I get the error of: "E: [ncAPI] [ 899176] ncDeviceCreate:354 global mutex initialization failed" when running the code, though I don't know why.



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Hi @kranok ,


Thanks for reaching out. Not sure what the problem could be, could you make sure that the OpenVINO toolkit env variables have been set prior your code execution? You do this by running source /opt/intel/computer_vision_sdk/bin/ or source <'your-install-directory'>/computer_vision_sdk/bin/ I also found a couple of people that ran into this issue with the demo examples, they only needed to launch a new terminal window and re-run the code. For another user a restart of the host system was required to solve the problem. Are you running OpenVINO on Linux or Windows? Is it a VM? What version of the OpenVINO toolkit are you using?


Hope you find this information helpful, let me know if any of these worked for you. I'd suggest to also post your question in the Computer Vision forum.