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Error compiling TensorFlow network


Hi all,


I've got the following error compiling my TensorFlow network:


mvNCCompile TF_Model/tf_model.meta -in=input_1 -on=filtered_detections/map/TensorArrayStack_2/TensorArrayGatherV3


/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Controllers/Parsers/TensorFlowParser/ SyntaxWarning: assertion is always true, perhaps remove parentheses?


assert(False, "Layer type not supported by Convolution: " + obj.type)


mvNCCompile v02.00, Copyright @ Intel Corporation 2017


/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/tensorflow/python/util/ DeprecationWarning: inspect.getargspec() is deprecated, use inspect.signature() instead


shape: [1, None, None, 3]


Traceback (most recent call last):


File "/usr/local/bin/mvNCCompile", line 169, in


create_graph(, args.image, args.inputnode, args.outputnode, args.outfile, args.nshaves, args.inputsize, args.weights, args.explicit_concat, args.ma2480, args.scheduler, args.new_parser, args)


File "/usr/local/bin/mvNCCompile", line 148, in create_graph


load_ret = load_network(args, parser, myriad_config)


File "/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Controllers/", line 100, in load_network


parse_ret = parse_tensor(arguments, myriad_conf)


File "/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Controllers/", line 259, in parse_tensor


input_data = np.random.uniform(0, 1, shape)


File "mtrand.pyx", line 1302, in mtrand.RandomState.uniform


File "mtrand.pyx", line 242, in mtrand.cont2_array_sc**


TypeError: 'NoneType' object cannot be interpreted as an integer**


I'm running on Ubuntu 16.04 with NCAP2, trying to compile a Retinanet network to the NCS.


Any idea about what went wrong?


Thanks in advance!
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Hi @fpartika


The error you're getting is due to your model using variable input sizes. Visit this thread for more information.


Best Regards,


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