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Error occured in optimise YOLOV3 model



 when I  optimise YOLOV3 model ,it return error:(I'm using ubuntu 16.04)

root@UP2:/opt/intel/2019_r1/openvino_2019.1.094/deployment_tools/model_optimizer# ./ --input_model /home/terasic/Desktop/frozen_darknet_yolov3_model.pb --tensorflow_use_custom_operations_config /home/terasic/Desktop/yolo_v3.json --input_shape [1,416,416,3]
Model Optimizer arguments:
Common parameters:
    - Path to the Input Model:     /home/terasic/Desktop/frozen_darknet_yolov3_model.pb
    - Path for generated IR:     /opt/intel/2019_r1/openvino_2019.1.094/deployment_tools/model_optimizer/.
    - IR output name:     frozen_darknet_yolov3_model
    - Log level:     ERROR
    - Batch:     Not specified, inherited from the model
    - Input layers:     Not specified, inherited from the model
    - Output layers:     Not specified, inherited from the model
    - Input shapes:     [1,416,416,3]
    - Mean values:     Not specified
    - Scale values:     Not specified
    - Scale factor:     Not specified
    - Precision of IR:     FP32
    - Enable fusing:     True
    - Enable grouped convolutions fusing:     True
    - Move mean values to preprocess section:     False
    - Reverse input channels:     False
TensorFlow specific parameters:
    - Input model in text protobuf format:     False
    - Path to model dump for TensorBoard:     None
    - List of shared libraries with TensorFlow custom layers implementation:     None
    - Update the configuration file with input/output node names:     None
    - Use configuration file used to generate the model with Object Detection API:     None
    - Operations to offload:     None
    - Patterns to offload:     None
    - Use the config file:     /home/terasic/Desktop/yolo_v3.json
Model Optimizer version:     2019.1.0-341-gc9b66a2
[ ERROR ]  -------------------------------------------------
[ ERROR ]  ----------------- INTERNAL ERROR ----------------
[ ERROR ]  Unexpected exception happened.
[ ERROR ]  Please contact Model Optimizer developers and forward the following information:
[ ERROR ]  problem writing element 2181120 to file
[ ERROR ]  Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/intel/2019_r1/openvino_2019.1.094/deployment_tools/model_optimizer/mo/", line 312, in main
    return driver(argv)
  File "/opt/intel/2019_r1/openvino_2019.1.094/deployment_tools/model_optimizer/mo/", line 263, in driver
    is_binary=not argv.input_model_is_text)
  File "/opt/intel/2019_r1/openvino_2019.1.094/deployment_tools/model_optimizer/mo/pipeline/", line 228, in tf2nx
  File "/opt/intel/2019_r1/openvino_2019.1.094/deployment_tools/model_optimizer/mo/pipeline/", line 127, in prepare_emit_ir
    serialize_constants(graph, bin_file)
  File "/opt/intel/2019_r1/openvino_2019.1.094/deployment_tools/model_optimizer/mo/back/ie_ir_ver_2/", line 42, in serialize_constants
    serialize_constants_recursively(graph, bin_file, data_type, bin_hashes)
  File "/opt/intel/2019_r1/openvino_2019.1.094/deployment_tools/model_optimizer/mo/back/ie_ir_ver_2/", line 59, in serialize_constants_recursively
OSError: problem writing element 2181120 to file

[ ERROR ]  ---------------- END OF BUG REPORT --------------
[ ERROR ]  -------------------------------------------------

How can I do ?

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Hi, You are using OpenVINO 2019 R1 which is an out of date. Could you please upgrade to the latest version of OpenVINO R3 and let me know if you encounter this error.




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