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Error running trained, converted darknet yolov3-tiny model on NCS2

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We successfully trained a custom yolov3-tiny model on darknet (tested in darknet and confirmed to detect our single class). We successfully converted the weights to a .pb and then .bin and .xml files. The issue comes when trying to run this model on our modified version of the the We have all the config stuff set up to yolov3-tiny (classes = 1, num = 6, LABELS = "our_object"). When we run it, we get an index out of range error in predict_async


cnt,dev = heapq.heappop(self.heap_request)


HOWEVER if we change num=3 it runs but the output boxes labeled detections is garbage data. Any ideas how to fix this?
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Hi @davidtrost


Which application are you using? Can you share your code so I can also see the modifications you made please? I will try to reproduce this and get back to you with results.


Best Regards,