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Face Detection - Accuracy checker vs Validation app




My OpenVINO version is 2019.1.094. 

I would like to reproduce accuracy of Interactive Face Detection Demo (or, for each model in this demo).
I found that, in general, there are two ways to check model's accuracy.

Validation App -

and Accuracy Checker tool -


My questions are:

1) Do the Accuracy checker tool and Validation app serve same purposes? 

2) Where could I be able to get all of the datasets for each model in Interactive Face Detection Demo?

Alike 'sample_dataset.tar.gz' in accuracy checker tool, but for each age/gender, emotion recognition, head-pose estimation, landmark?

3) This command:

accuracy_check -c sample/sample_config.yml -m data/test_models -s sample

doesn't work, as 


this folder doesn't have accuracy_check built file.

It has script

Then, if I run: python3 -c sample/sample_config.yml -m data/test_models -s sample

it gives error that parent module is not loaded (from .config import ConfigReader)


Thank you



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Dear Aliyeva, Dinara,

We are phasing out the validation app so it's best not to use it anymore. It will disappear from future OpenVino releases.

Please make sure that you execute your bin/[bat]

Then, you should run your from the C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\openvino_2019.1.087\deployment_tools\tools\accuracy_checker_tool directory.

Make sure that you pip install -r C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\openvino_2019.1.087\python\python3.6\openvino\tools\accuracy_checker\requirements.txt first.  Most of the dependencies are in the requirements.txt, though there are a few that aren't (Pillow nibabel tqdm) so you will have to pip install those individually.

To answer your question about where to get datasets for the Face Detection Demo, please navigate here:

Thanks for using OpenVino !


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