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Failed to convert a caffe model to Intermediate Representation



I am trying to convert the GOTURN caffe model to Intermediate Representation. 

I was following this tutorial to convert the model.


My command was,

python3 --input_model /path-to/your-model.caffemodel --input_proto /path-to/your-model.prototxt --input data,data,rois --input_shape (1,3,227,227),(1,3,227,227),[1,4,1,1]


After executing the commandm I got this error,

Original exception message: Found custom layer "abssum". Model Optimizer does not support this layer. Please, implement extension.
 For more information please refer to Model Optimizer FAQ (<INSTALL_DIR>/deployment_tools/documentation/docs/MO_FAQ.html), question #45.


I checked the "abssum" layer and it is a Reduction layer.


layer {
  name: "abssum"
  type: "Reduction"
  bottom: "out_diff"
  top: "loss"
  loss_weight: 1
  reduction_param {
    operation: 2


How can I convert this model to IR?

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