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HDF5.dll not found along with other *.dll-s


Dear people!

I have installed OpenVINO 2019.1.148 on my Win10 machine and Visual Studio 2017 and successfully followed and tested all installation steps up to "Get Ready for Running the Sample Applications on Windows".

I have builded with both methods: e.g. building from ALL_BUILD project and launching build_demos_msvc.bat (no errors in this step!).

The problem I stumbled upon is: Regardless what sample I choose and how I try to start it e.g. either from compiled .exe or launching from VS debugger I always get error-window complaining about missing dll-s (see attachment), like:




...are missing.

The first two file-missing errors have been removed by copying corresponding dll-s into .exe's directory but hdf5.dll I even cannot find in my system?

The first 2 files I have found in: C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\openvino\deployment_tools\inference_engine\bin\intel64\Debug

Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance !!

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I have moved forward: exe could be launched fine after setupvars.bat was started.

But when running the source from within VS debugger problem is the same..

How to make paths persistent?
Is %INTEL_OPENVINO_DIR% only path variable to set?

It is confusing for me because in VS property pages  %INTEL_OPENVINO_DIR% variable is not mentioned at all...

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Dear Bacic, Josko,

hdf5.dll is definitely not an OpenVino file but these two inference_engined.dll and tbb_debug.dll are debug versions of the dlls and yes, they are part of OpenVino.

Since you have built a Debug Configuration, you must make sure that instances of 'Release' are replaced with 'Debug' in the setupvars.bat.

The paths within the setupvars.bat definitely are important. You either need to add those paths to your Visual Studio project or you can instantiate Visual Studio X64 Native Tools Command prompt, run the setupvars.bat then Run devenv /UseEnv

Finally when building a stand-alone Windows project (OpenVino or not) you should always rely on Dependency Walker to find out why your application is not finding DLLs.

For building stand-alone OpenVino projects I prefer the Open Source version of OpenVino. And I have given detailed steps on how to build a standalone dldt project.

Hope it helps. Thanks for using OpenVino !


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