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How to set GRAPH_TAG while using HDDL Plugin?



I'm using Mustang-V100-MX8, there are 8 Myriad X in it.

Is this possible to specify the numbers of Myriad X that I want to use for the inference?

The Inference Engine Developer Guide provides some VPU API here. I tried to set KEY_VPU_HDDL_GRAPH_TAG to do this.

Here is my code

InferencePlugin plugin = PluginDispatcher({ "" }).getPluginByName("HDDLPlugin");
plugin.SetConfig({ { VPUConfigParams::KEY_VPU_HDDL_GRAPH_TAG, "graphTagA" } });

and I also edit hddl_service.config

"graph_tag_map":  {   "graphTagA": 2    },

But the result is

[14:21:34.3116][19975]I[ServiceStarter.cpp:40] Info: Waiting for HDDL Service getting ready ...
[14:21:34.3116][19975]I[ServiceStarter.cpp:45] Info: Found HDDL Service is running.
[HDDLPlugin] [14:21:34.3117][19975]I[ConfigParser.cpp:176] Config file '/opt/intel//computer_vision_sdk_2018.5.455/deployment_tools/inference_engine/external/hddl/config/hddl_api.config' has been loaded
Hddl api version:2.2
[HDDLPlugin] [14:21:34.3118][19975]I[HddlClient.cpp:255] Info: Create Dispatcher2.
[HDDLPlugin] [14:21:34.3121][19975]I[HddlClient.cpp:266] Info: RegisterClient HDDLPlugin.
[HDDLPlugin] [14:21:34.3122][19980]I[Dispatcher2.cpp:155] Info: SenderRoutine starts.
Client Id:64
[HDDLPlugin] [14:21:34.8201][19981]I[Dispatcher2.cpp:219] Info: Listen Thread wake up and to exit.
[HDDLPlugin] [14:21:34.8202][19975]I[Dispatcher2.cpp:88] Info: Client dispatcher exit.
[HDDLPlugin] [14:21:34.8206][19975]I[HddlClient.cpp:199] Info: Hddl client unregistered.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

How to set KEY_VPU_HDDL_GRAPH_TAG correctly?


Also, while using CPU plugin, is it possible to specify the CPU if I have 2 or more CPUs? (Such as KEY_DEVICE_ID for FPGA)


Besides, I also tried to use Myriad plugin with Mustang-V100-MX8. 

InferencePlugin plugin = PluginDispatcher( { "" } ).getPluginByName( "myriadPlugin" );

There are three kinds of result

1). after display all inference results, the console window shows

ncDeviceClose failed (-4)

2). before inference,

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

3). before inference,

E: [xLink] [    478477] dispatcherEventReceive:308      dispatcherEventReceive() Read failed -4 | event 0x7f012cff8b20

E: [xLink] [    478477] eventReader:256 eventReader stopped
E: [ncAPI] [    479121] ncDeviceOpen:894        can't open stream

Shouldn't I take Myriad plugin while using Mustang-V100-MX8?





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My guess Howard is that you probably still have HDDLService or HDDL autoboot running in background. Is this the case ? A core dump should not happen, however and for that I wrote a bug ticket.

Howard it would help a lot if you could attach full logs from hddldaemon during the core dump. Could you do this also ?

Thanks for using OpenVino !


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