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Inconsistent behavior observed when connecting both or all NCS2 & HDDL in the same system


When both the VPU devices, NCS2 stick and HDDL mustang card are connected to the same system, with kernel 5.3 & OpenVino container and running with one of the sample from Openvino itself .

Below is the sequence to reproduce:

  • Connect both HDDL & NCS2 stick to the same machine (Ubuntu 18.04 + 5.3 Kernel)
  • Ensure the NCS2 device is working fine
  • Now run the HDDL daemon
  • Again try to enumerate the NCS2 device, it will fail to detect.

System couldn’t even able to detect the device.

lsusb   | grep “2485” >>>>>> returns no output.


Whereas in a proper state of operation it should look as below

$ lsusb  |  grep "2485"

Bus 001 Device 006: ID 03e7:2485    <<< Vendor ID and Device id of Movidius Stick.



The Device configuration details is as below:

Core i7; Ubuntu 18.04;

OpenVino Version 2020.2


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Thanks for reaching out.

HDDL may interfere with NCS2 if hddldaemon/autoboot processes are running, you will see this issue if the device appears as Bus 004 Device 003: ID 03e7:f63b when executing command lsusb. You can check if such processes are running pidof hddldaemon autoboot. If such processes are running then Myriad plugin will not work on NCS2, lsusb must show Bus 003 Device 006: ID 03e7:2485 for Myriad plugin to work.

Please refer to the following Troubleshooting section for more information


Mauricio R.

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Hi Mauricio,

Thanks for the reference link. I was also encountering the similar issue.

Hence as per your response, Does it mean that HDDL and NCS2 stick will not work together in the same machine? This is because documentation enforces to run hddldaemon  for using HDDL device . And you are stating that NCS2 will have issues if hddldaemon runs in the same system.

Or is it that NCS2 will be operated using some other plugin other than MYRIAD plugin if HDDL daemon started? such as will it be treated like another core of existing HDDL card. Sorry, it is just a wild guess by seeing below table from net :-)

Device ID    Device
2485 --  Movidius MyriadX
F63B -- Myriad VPU [Movidius Neural Compute Stick]
2150 -- Myriad VPU [Movidius Neural Compute Stick]

Kindly let us know the system behaviour when both the device co-exist in a system.


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Hi Das,

You must use the MYRIAD plugin to run inference on the NCS 2. However, the MYRIAD plugin will not work if the hddldaemon is running. The two devices, the NCS 2 and the HDDL Mustang card can be connected to the same machine but the NCS 2 will not work if the hddldaemon is running. You can use the instructions in to kill the hddldaemon before trying to run the MYRIAD plugin.


Mauricio R.

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