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Inference Engine API on both Windows and Linux (custom application)

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I'm using OpenVINO 2019.2 on my own solution, on Windows 10, by following this link:

So my question now is, what do I need to integrate the inference engine API on my custom application to work on both Windows (Windows 10) and Linux (Ubuntu 16.04)?



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Hi Cesar,

The inference engine API will be same on both Windows and Linux. You can also refer the samples and integrate the API to your custom applications.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Ram prasad

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Hi Ram,

Sorry for the late answer, I was out for a couple of days. So I have a question, as you said the Inference Engine API will be the same on both Windows and Linux so the code in C++ should be the same and work for both Windows and Linux. However, in Windows I have a OpenVINO Nuget (with the set of dlls from a specific OpenVINO version, in my case I'm using version 2019.2.242). For linux, where should I put the .so files? What should I put in the CMake to make it work? There is a step-by-step guide on how to make this kind of things up and running on linux?

Thanks for the advice,


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So basically my question would be: 

For linux, do you guys provide some sort of package of the InferenceEngine that I can install through apt-get (ubuntu) or yum (centos)? which I can then find via find_packages() of CMake? My own project CMakeLists example:

message(STATUS "Using OpenVino.")

find_package(InferenceEngine REQUIRED)



Or do I need to download the toolkit and then copy the .so files to my custom project and then include those files via CMake (include_directories())? My own project CMakeLists example:

message(STATUS "Using OpenVino.") 




What is the best way or the standard way of doing this?

Thanks for your help,


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Hi César.

We do supply OpenVINO full runtime and developer packages as well as some available components. Please see more details here for APT and YUM package manager instructions.

To get the list of available OpenVINO packages and components:

apt-cache search openvino

Also, you can use pip to get OpenCV with DLDT module package for Python:

pip install opencv-python-inference-engine

Hope this helps.

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Hi Max! Thanks for your reply!

So I did a yum search (since I'm on CentOS) for openvino keyword, but no matches were found, is there something that I'm doing wrong? I'm trying to find a way to just install the Inference Engine as a lib so that CMakeLists can recognize it from within the system. Instead of installing all the OpenVINO toolkit, which comes with the model optimizer, which for my case is not needed.



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Hi César.

Did you set up the OpenVINO repository? According to

I'm on Ubuntu 18.04, and I see the following packages. I believe you should see similar list for CentOS too.

intel-openvino-dev-ubuntu16-2020.1.023 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.1 for Linux*
intel-openvino-dev-ubuntu16-2020.2.130 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.2 for Linux*
intel-openvino-dev-ubuntu16-2020.3.194 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.3 for Linux*
intel-openvino-dev-ubuntu18-2020.1.023 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.1 for Linux*
intel-openvino-dev-ubuntu18-2020.2.130 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.2 for Linux*
intel-openvino-dev-ubuntu18-2020.3.194 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.3 for Linux*
intel-openvino-dl-workbench-2020.1.023 - Deep Learning Workbench 2020.1
intel-openvino-dl-workbench-2020.2.130 - Deep Learning Workbench 2020.2
intel-openvino-dl-workbench-2020.3.194 - Deep Learning Workbench 2020.3
intel-openvino-docs-2020.1.023 - Documentation 2020.1
intel-openvino-docs-2020.2.130 - Documentation 2020.2
intel-openvino-docs-2020.3.194 - Documentation 2020.3
intel-openvino-eula-2020.2.130 - OpenVINO 2020.2
intel-openvino-eula-2020.3.194 - OpenVINO 2020.3
intel-openvino-gstreamer-rt-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - GStreamer
intel-openvino-gstreamer-rt-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - GStreamer
intel-openvino-gva-dev-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - DL Streamer
intel-openvino-gva-dev-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - DL Streamer
intel-openvino-gva-rt-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - DL Streamer
intel-openvino-gva-rt-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - DL Streamer
intel-openvino-gva-sdk-2020.2.130 - DL Streamer
intel-openvino-gva-sdk-2020.3.194 - DL Streamer
intel-openvino-ie-bin-python-tools-ubuntu-bionic-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-bin-python-tools-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-bin-python-tools-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-bin-python-tools-ubuntu-xenial-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-bin-python-tools-ubuntu-xenial-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-bin-python-tools-ubuntu-xenial-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine RT 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine RT 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine RT 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-core-ubuntu-bionic-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine RT 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-core-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine RT 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-core-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine RT 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-core-ubuntu-xenial-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine RT 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-core-ubuntu-xenial-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine RT 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-core-ubuntu-xenial-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine RT 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-cpu-ubuntu-bionic-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine CPU 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-cpu-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine CPU 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-cpu-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine CPU 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-cpu-ubuntu-xenial-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine CPU 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-cpu-ubuntu-xenial-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine CPU 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-cpu-ubuntu-xenial-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine CPU 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gna-ubuntu-bionic-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine GNA 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gna-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine GNA 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gna-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine GNA 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gna-ubuntu-xenial-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine GNA 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gna-ubuntu-xenial-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine GNA 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gna-ubuntu-xenial-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine GNA 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gpu-ubuntu-bionic-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine GPU 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gpu-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine GPU 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gpu-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine GPU 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gpu-ubuntu-xenial-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine GPU 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gpu-ubuntu-xenial-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine GPU 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-gpu-ubuntu-xenial-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine GPU 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-hddl-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine HDDL 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-hddl-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine HDDL 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-hddl-ubuntu-xenial-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine HDDL 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-hddl-ubuntu-xenial-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine HDDL 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-vpu-ubuntu-bionic-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine Movidius 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-vpu-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine Movidius 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-vpu-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine Movidius 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-rt-vpu-ubuntu-xenial-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine Movidius 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-rt-vpu-ubuntu-xenial-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine Movidius 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-rt-vpu-ubuntu-xenial-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine Movidius 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-samples-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine Samples 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-samples-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine Samples 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-samples-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine Samples 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-sdk-ubuntu-bionic-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-sdk-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-sdk-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.3
intel-openvino-ie-sdk-ubuntu-xenial-2020.1.023 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.1
intel-openvino-ie-sdk-ubuntu-xenial-2020.2.130 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.2
intel-openvino-ie-sdk-ubuntu-xenial-2020.3.194 - Inference Engine SDK 2020.3
intel-openvino-issl-2020.1.023 - OpenVINO 2020.1
intel-openvino-model-optimizer-2020.1.023 - Model Optimizer 2020.1
intel-openvino-model-optimizer-2020.2.130 - Model Optimizer 2020.2
intel-openvino-model-optimizer-2020.3.194 - Model Optimizer 2020.3
intel-openvino-omz-dev-2020.1.023 - Open Model Zoo 2020.1
intel-openvino-omz-dev-2020.2.130 - Open Model Zoo 2020.2
intel-openvino-omz-dev-2020.3.194 - Open Model Zoo 2020.3
intel-openvino-omz-tools-2020.1.023 - Open Model Zoo 2020.1
intel-openvino-omz-tools-2020.2.130 - Open Model Zoo 2020.2
intel-openvino-omz-tools-2020.3.194 - Open Model Zoo 2020.3
intel-openvino-opencv-etc-2020.1.023 - OpenCV 2020.1
intel-openvino-opencv-etc-2020.2.130 - OpenCV 2020.2
intel-openvino-opencv-etc-2020.3.194 - OpenCV 2020.3
intel-openvino-opencv-generic-2020.1.023 - OpenCV 2020.1
intel-openvino-opencv-generic-2020.2.130 - OpenCV 2020.2
intel-openvino-opencv-generic-2020.3.194 - OpenCV 2020.3
intel-openvino-opencv-lib-ubuntu-bionic-2020.1.023 - OpenCV 2020.1
intel-openvino-opencv-lib-ubuntu-bionic-2020.2.130 - OpenCV 2020.2
intel-openvino-opencv-lib-ubuntu-bionic-2020.3.194 - OpenCV 2020.3
intel-openvino-opencv-lib-ubuntu-xenial-2020.1.023 - OpenCV 2020.1
intel-openvino-opencv-lib-ubuntu-xenial-2020.2.130 - OpenCV 2020.2
intel-openvino-opencv-lib-ubuntu-xenial-2020.3.194 - OpenCV 2020.3
intel-openvino-pot-2020.2.130 - Intel(R) Post Training Optimization Tool
intel-openvino-pot-2020.3.194 - Intel(R) Post Training Optimization Tool
intel-openvino-runtime-ubuntu16-2020.1.023 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.1 for Linux*
intel-openvino-runtime-ubuntu16-2020.2.130 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.2 for Linux*
intel-openvino-runtime-ubuntu16-2020.3.194 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.3 for Linux*
intel-openvino-runtime-ubuntu18-2020.1.023 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.1 for Linux*
intel-openvino-runtime-ubuntu18-2020.2.130 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.2 for Linux*
intel-openvino-runtime-ubuntu18-2020.3.194 - Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit 2020.3 for Linux*
intel-openvino-setupvars-2020.1.023 - Setup environment 2020.1
intel-openvino-setupvars-2020.2.130 - Setup environment 2020.2
intel-openvino-setupvars-2020.3.194 - Setup environment 2020.3

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Yeah, that was my problem, I didn't set the OpenVINO repository.

Thanks for your help Max!

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