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Load plugin dependencies at runtime on windows



 I'm using a library relying on OpenVino, which works well with C++. I now want to integrate this thing in a Unity application. As of now, I was placing the required dlls on windows next to my executable and everything was great. Now with Unity, the default behavior on windows is to look for the dlls next to the executable, which is Unity.exe and dumping dlls in this place is not an acceptable solution.

 I would like to be able to distribute a dll file for my code bundled in a folder with all the dependencies (tbb.dll, mkldnnplugin.dll, ...). In order to make the plugin dispatcher look for plugins in a custom location I made the following call:

m_plugin = InferenceEngine::PluginDispatcher(<path to my library>).getPluginByDevice("CPU");

This is giving the right path to look at for MKLDNNPlugin.dll, but the dependencies of this dll are not found and it look like it's going to the old behavior (which is looking into PATH and the executable).

Is there a way to initialize the plugin dispatcher with a custom path to look for dependencies ?




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Hi Thomas,

I recommend you to go through this link - and see if any of the suggestions there helps you to solve your issue.

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