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Model Optimizer VGG19 error

I'm trying to convert the vgg_19 tensorflow slim model that I downloaded from here:

Then I export the inference graph by running:

python3 models/research/slim/ --model_name vgg_19 --output_file ~/vgg_19.pb

However when I optimize it with openvino, the error below appears:

python3 /opt/intel/computer_vision_sdk/deployment_tools/model_optimizer/ --input_model ~/VGG19/vgg_19.pb --input_checkpoint ~/VGG19/vgg_19.ckpt -b 1 --mean_value [103.94,116.78,123.68] --scale 1

[ FRAMEWORK ERROR ]  Cannot load input model: Assign requires shapes of both tensors to match. lhs shape= [1,1,4096,1001] rhs shape= [1,1,4096,1000]


I think the problem come from the checkpoint file and the exported file doesn't have the same outputs shape, 1000 and 1001. I searched and found that this might be VGG Imagenet have a background class added to 1000 classes.

Can someone help me to fix this problem ?

Thank you


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New Contributor II

It seems like I can solve the problem when adding --labels_offset 1 in

python3 models/research/slim/ --model_name vgg_19 --output_file ~/VGG19/vgg_19.pb --labels_offset 1

With that I can sucessfully create IR model

Haven't tested if the inference is ok.